Tailoring Training – Update: Change of buildings and Student Progress

One of the success stories from the last 12 months has been the tailoring training. The tailoring training was established in order to provide locals with the skills to obtain gainful employment.

Below are some photos of our original base in Paidha – Uganda for the tailoring project. The face of the building has changed over the last year and we were eventually forced to moved the project to a different location in Paidha due to the owner no longer wanting to lease any part of the building to us.

Below are some photos of our current base in Paidha for the tailoring project. We hope to lock in a long term agreement at the current location with the owner so the project can take the final steps towards sustainability.

Many of our Students have stayed the duration of the course and gone on to produce fine work.

White medical jacket developed for the use of Redefined Medical Staff

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