Vocational Initiatives

Agriculture and Livestock:
Redefined is working on job creation and self-sustainability through agriculture and livestock initiatives, which will train locals in the methods and also provide a start-up loan, enabling them to enter into the market. Profits of such projects will be used to fund Redefined’s community development projects, such as safe drinking sources and the community medical facility.

Women in the work force:

Redefined is in the planning stages for women’s vocational ministries, including tailoring (see medical project) and poultry farming. The women of the region are hard working and highly motivated but lack the training and education required to better their lives and also opportunities to enter into business enterprises. The poultry farm will also help with the much-needed re-population of livestock in the region.

Congo Freedom Coffee:
Initially, this project will focus on providing coffee farmers with the necessary training to improve crop quality and harvesting methods in the region to increase value of their harvest.

Redefined is also building networks with local and international roasters to provide farmers with direct links to the market (reducing the need for middle-men). We also look forward to starting a small coffee processing company as a sustainability project, which will employ local workers.

In addition, Redefined will commence a profitable business to increase rural farmers’ access to the market. This will be achieved through rural storehouses to which they can sell their crops. Redefined will employ locals to manage the storehouses and profits will be used to assist sustainability of Redefined’s community development projects.

In the field assessing an old coffee plantation.

In the field assessing an old coffee plantation now filled with maize.

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