Church & Faith

Redefined is a Christian organisation and as such is committed to proclaiming and honouring Christ in all of our activities.

We look forward to continuing to bring teachers in to help equip the local church and disciple believers as well as teams. We also welcome donations of Swahili and French study resources for church leaders and children programs.

A church shall be established in Jalasiga alongside the community development projects. The church will uphold spiritual development of the local people through evangelism, Bible training and church activities.

Redefined shall provide counseling and guidance services to the children, parents and other adults in need.

Worship time

**Please note that no funds from tax-deductible donations can be used by Redefined for religious activities. If you would like to support our faith ministries, please make a note that your donation is for such work and that you do not require a tax receipt.

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