Tailoring/Sewing Project – Update

Running a Ministry can be quite challenging at times especially when funds are limited and with so many of the individual projects running concurrently requiring substantial funds to get off the ground.

This was never problem for the sewing/tailoring project.  The idea/vision was shared and funds quickly became available from a keen sponsor who specifically donated for the initial start-up of this project.

Work got under way for a modest structure close to Redefined’s ever growing Medical Facilities in rural DRC and a suitably qualified person was employed to undertake the production of menstrual kits and later provide training for local women.

Unfortunately the Tailor resigned and the structure build for the tailoring project became part of Redefined’s Medical Buildings due to unprecedented demand for more structures.  The community spoke and Redefined had no option but to listen with expecting mothers literally waiting on the door steps with nowhere else to go.

The tailoring project building is currently being used to house mothers and newly born babies.

These events led to the tailoring/sewing project operating in Paidha – Uganda (a busy town located on the DRC/Uganda border).  A new Tailor has been employed and he currently works 7 days a week to keep up with the demand of production.  The highly skilled Tailor is kept extremely busy with local demand for his services as well as Redefined’s own production.


Tailor hard at work

The turn of events are a blessing in disguise as demand for the services offered has increased immensely in the highly populated Ugandan town.


Tailor continuing with Redefined’s production of reusable menstrual pads

This project has huge potential for expansion and not only is it sustainable, it may provide further employment opportunities and generate income for other projects to get off the ground with the same level of success.


Shop front in the busy Ugandan town

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