Agriculture on Air

The last six months have seen Redefined providing agricultural teachings via two different radio stations each week. One station is based in Mahagi and the other in near by Paidha, Uganda. Both stations are accessed by the people of Mahagi Territory as well as other parts of DR.Congo, Uganda and South Sudan.

The show was made possible by the Sustainable Agricultural School which Anecho participated in to grow Redefined’s agricultural impact in the community. It has been a great success, with a large, regular following. The on-air program also allows listeners to call in to ask questions or make dialogue with Anecho and the information he is presenting on better agriculture from soil science, to medicinal plants, to crop rotation and pest management.

There is opportunity for Redefined to expand this work on two other local radio stations in Mahagi Territory to still further our reach into the community. However, this is currently not possible due to limited funds for transport to and from these spread-out locations. We will continue the two weekly teachings for now and look to expand in the future. Currently, we are satisfied with the hunger of the people for information on best methods of agriculture that will also increase home nutrition and decrease hard manual labour in their fields.

Anecho during one of his weekly Sustainable Agriculture radio shows.

Anecho during one of his weekly Sustainable Agriculture radio shows.

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