Our Partners

Australian Mercy (ARMS):

Australian Mercy (ARMS)

ARMS is an Australian overseas aid agency, which partners with us, and other NGOs in developing nations, to deliver aid and relief to those in need.


You can donate on-line through Australian Mercy.

Donations from Australia are tax-deductible through Australian Mercy:


Donations from America and Canada are tax-deductible through Australian Mercy, via YWAM Tyler and YWAM BC. Instructions can be found on Australian Mercy’s website:


Eyes on Africa:

Eyes on Africa aim to: “provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care”.


Days for Girls:


Days for Girls is focused on seeing the distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. The kits improve their health, safety and dignity. They also empower women to continue with their schooling (periods often cause girls to remain at home and also cast them into the light of “women”, classifying them as marriageable).

Days for Girls Queensland is assisting us to commence a small vocational project in connection to our medical clinic. The project will see a woman equipped through the set up of a sewing vocation, where the kits will be sold for a low price to women of the community. Being in partnership with the medical clinic will enable us to provide hygiene and sex education at the same time. We also encourage our supporters to “buy” these kits as a gift to school-age girls for free distribution in schools, where we can give an education class on hygiene at the same time.


Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia (BKF):


The Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia is passionate about changing the conditions for women giving birth in developing regions to ensure a safe and hygienic birth. They are achieving this end through the supply of birthing kits, which contain: a plastic sheet for the ground; soap and 2 gloves for the midwife; as well as a sterile scalpel blade, 3 string cords and 5 gauze squares for the umbilical cord and clean up.

Through our partnership, we are working towards distributing these kits throughout Mahagi Territory. The supply of the kits to midwives also enables us to further our relationship with these women and work alongside them to ensure they have sufficient training.

Medical Association for Poverty Eradication in Congo (MAPE):

Association Medicale Pour l’Eradication de la Pauvrete Congolaise (AMEPCO), translated as Medical Association for Poverty Eradication in Congo (MAPE), was started to materially rebuild in the Eastern DRC, post-war, as well as to work towards poverty eradication through agricultural intervention. One of MAPE’s main projects is their Agricultural Initiative for Family Empowerment (AGIFE).

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