Our History – Redefined

Redefined Ministries came from the passion of a local family, who saw the strengths and needs existing in their community. A seed for Redefined was planted by the vision held by Anecho Innocent, Managing Director, and his grandfather for their community within Mahagi Territory, located in the north-eastern area of the DRC, bordering Uganda. Together they dreamed of a transformed nation, built by empowering individuals and communities.

Anecho took this dream and began to visualise it to others. He concluded his work with NGOs and churches in Uganda in order to begin building Redefined Ministries International. A team was formed that also had a heart for the Mahagi area and a time of information gathering was commenced. Redefined set about discovering the strengths, needs, and dreams of the local community and formed its goals based on the community’s focus and vision.

In May 2012, Redefined Ministries International was formally birthed as a registered NGO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In October 2012, Redefined Ministries International was approved to come under Australian Mercy (ARMS), an Australian overseas aid agency.

Despite being in its pioneering years, Redefined has already helped the community to take some big steps forward. The community transformation work has commenced in Mahagi Territory and specifically the village of Jalasiga. Of significant note was the completion of the health clinic in Jalasiga village.

Anecho & Grandpa

Managing Director, Anecho Innocent, with his grandfather, Everest.

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