Medical Projects

Jalasiga is a rural area with very limited health care. Maternal care is especially a problem, with many women meeting with complications on the road side, unable to reach medical facilities. Another problem is malnutrition due to poor diet.

Medical_Maternal Health

Medical Clinic

Redefined has recently established a medical clinic in the region of Jalasiga, which the ministry will support and will be run at low costs for the people of the region.

The clinic will has a reception area; two beds for inpatients, or maternity stays; a consultation room; a small laboratory; and a pharmacy. We are gradually building staff numbers. We hope to employ a medical assistant, midwife, receptionist, laboratory technician and pharmacist. We look forward to being able to subsidise treatment, which will require additional funds for staff wages.

The medical clinic will allow primary medical care to be readily accessed; assist with safe births, including the provision of birthing kits; training locals to become midwives and medical assistants; and providing community educational seminars.

Construction crew at work.

Eye Glasses

Redefined is also involved in the distribution of eye glasses throughout Mahagi Territory, which are donated by Eyes on Africa. A visiting ophthalmologist, Dr. Joseph Wabedkudu, has been assisting in this work.

Eye Glass distribution_prescription

Eye Glasses distribution; prescription.

Tailoring for Health

We aim to be able to start with a tailoring project in 2016 for the provision of health-related items.

First and foremost, with our partner Days for Girls, we will be commencing with washable menstrual kits. Hygiene is heavily reduced as women in the area must currently use bushes, maize husks, bits of foam mattresses, or scraps of paper. The women have responded with anticipation to community sensitation to this coming project.

We hope to be able to do school distributions of these kits for free through your kind donations to this project. Donations of new underwear are also needed. Kits and individual pads will also be available for sale from the health clinic. These items will be given out after educational sessions with our midwife to teach the girls and women about their bodies, reproductive system, menstrual cycle and related hygiene.

A Days for Girls sample kit.

A Days for Girls sample kit.

Birthing Kits for safe deliveries

We partner with the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia to improve maternal care and reduce infant mortality rates.

Pregnant ladies witnessing the handing over of Birthing kits to the health center where they go for antenatal care.

Pregnant ladies witnessing the handing over of Birthing kits to the health center where they go for antenatal care.

Moringa Tree for Nutritional Support

The Moringa Tree acts as a natural dietary supplement that we will be able to distribute to locals for free through a Moringa Seedling initiative.

Just a little about the Moringa tree’s fresh leaves (that can be added onto meals):

Its fresh leaves have:

  • 4 x the Vitamin A of Carrots;
  • 7 x the Vitamin C of Oranges;
  • 4 x the Calcium of Milk;
  • 3 x the Potassium of Bananas;
  • 3 x the Iron of Spinach;
  • 2 x the Protein of Yoghurt; and
  • 3 x the Vitamin E of Almonds.




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