Agricultural Initiatives

Redefined Ministries is passionate about household sustainability and as such is working to introduce better ways of crop and field management.

Training programs for locals

We have been able to send staff member, Anecho Innocent, for training in sustainable agriculture and livestock management. Since completion of this school, he has been giving twice weekly radio shows on two local stations to share this knowledge and experience.

At the begging of 2016, we were able to send another local to attend the same school. Through the course, John will gain practical skills and knowledge in sustainable food production methods, soil fertility, natural pest management,agroforestry, seed saving, animal husbandry, harvesting, bee keeping, natural medicines, and small business management. At completion of the school, John will assist with Redefined’s agricultural projects and use his skills to teach in local training seminars.

Animal husbandry

Redefined is in the planning phases of commencing a poultry project. We aim to raise broilers for the ministry’s sustainability as well as layers that will be given out as a form of micro-financing loans that families can keep for their household, increasing the protein in their diet. They will then “repay” the ministry with the same number of chicks, which will be in turn given out to another family.

Demonstration garden

We strongly believe in the principle of “do before teaching” and so a part of this project is the establishment of a demonstration garden; this work is now underway. Here we will implement new ways as well as improved methods of crop farming to then train the locals in once we can demonstrate the benefits.

Workers enjoying a hard earned break from preparing the demonstration garden.

Workers enjoying a hard earned break from preparing the demonstration garden.

Bee initiative

There are already bees in the area that can be harvested to start bee hives. Again in the principle of “do first”, we are in the planning phases of constructing hives on the ministry land that will be harvested as a sustainability project. At the end of the first year, we will help locals to establish their own hive colonies and buy from them to enable them access to the market, difficult for them to access due to distance and scale of produce required. Bees also assist in agricultural activities through pollination.


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