Redefined Health Facilities Update: Unprecedented demand for our services

It’s been nearly two years since the last update on the Redefined Health Facilities and we are forever grateful to our supporters because of what we have been able to achieve in that time with limited finances.

In recent times we have experienced unprecedented demands for our services which is great because it highlights the fact that without Redefined operating in the area and without the backing of the ever enthusiastic and generous local community supporting us every step of the way there would simply be no other place for local women to safely give birth.

The high demand for our services has forced the local community to act and commence construction of additional infrastructure to aid with the overcrowding of our current buildings.

We continue to be blessed with many, many, many healthy newborn babies.

One thought on “Redefined Health Facilities Update: Unprecedented demand for our services

  1. Redefined Health facilities has been a blessing to thousands of people in Eastern DR.Congo, it’s only the the evil hearted people that celebrate what happened to the Redefined health facilities in Congo. We pray that God continue bringing peace in Congo so that the the work resume, we miss you guys however much we have been but we have been following your updates online God bless you.


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