Mahagi School Project

We are currently fund-raising to construct a bording school in Jalasiga (a “village”/ rural area in Mahagi Territory), which will offer faith-based, affordable education for primary-school-aged children.

Education_Access for rurally located children

The project will commence with the establishment of a kindergarten, which will run a faith-based curriculum that is currently being successfully implemented internationally, including in some East-African nations. The curriculum educates children whilst also teaching them about the loving, Father-heart of God.

After the kindergarten has been established, we look forward to gradually increasing the grades run at the school. A special-needs unit shall be attached to the primary school with supported integration. Teachers will be recruited from the local population and provided with training and on-going support.


Redefined coordinates an individual sponsorship program to support students living in rural locations to access educational facilities. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a child to attend school.

Longer-term, Redefined’s goal is to establish a secondary school in Jalasiga as well as a school for children with hearing impairments.

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