Vision & Values

Core Values:

Redefined is a Christian organisation; however, we do not discriminate in service provision based on an individual’s faith. Our faith fuels what we do – responding to God’s call to help those in need – but it does not restrict who we serve; we desire to provide service to any who are in need, regardless of their age, faith, or gender.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to see the people of the Congo shed their image of a war-torn country, and be redefined by God’s amazing love. Through the outpouring of His love, we work with the community to create infrastructure throughout Mahagi Territory for the empowerment of all members of the community.

We envision a community where all children have access to school; women are valued and hold equal rights in their community; and men have respect for themselves and their neighbours. We envision access to jobs and career progression, re-population of livestock in the area, and ready access to food, medical services, and good housing.

Agricultural Projects (4)

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