Fundraise on our Behalf

We need your help to continue this work. Will you host or plan a simple fund-raiser on behalf of Redefined’s work in the Congo?

Some simple fund-raisers include:

  • Hosting a morning tea at your home, workplace, or church, asking for a small donation from your guests.
  • Doing a fun-run, asking for people to sponsor you.
  • Organising a raffle, selling tickets on game day at your social- or sport’s- club.

Contact us for a resource pack containing more simple fundraising ideas.

Redefined Ministries International-DRC is currently fund-raising for land to commence its community development projects in the village of Jalasiga as well as for a truck to commence its coffee project. In addition, funds are needed to commence coffee-farmer training in best practise in order to increase the quality of crop being produced for on-sale to top international roasters.

Perfect way to aid free trade

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