Dr. Abekwo joins the team

We are pleased to share that we have a new volunteer staff member in the field. Dr. Paul Abekwo graduated 3 years ago from Kisangani University. He began his career in Bunia and until he moved to be the Assistant Head of Amee Health Clinic in Mahagi in 2014. He continues in this role to date whilst taking up a part-time voluntary position with Redefined.

Dr. Abekwo will be helping the growing health team by coordinating across the different areas of our health ministry. As part of this duty he will be helping with the birthing kits distribution, overseeing management of Redefined Jalasiga Health Clinic, and arranging the distributions of eye glasses. He is also providing important educational sessions to new mothers through the birthing kit program and hygiene classes to the young girls in Days for Girls clubs, which are forming across communities to support safe and hygienic management of menstruation.

Our growing team increases the urgency for accommodation quarters at our rural health care base. Please see our “Support us” page for ways in which you can help meet this need.

Director Anecho Innocent welcoming new team member, Dr Paul Abekwo

Director Anecho Innocent welcoming new team member, Dr Paul Abekwo


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