Life giving groups

Since we first brought the concept of the life-giving work that our partner Days for Girls strives towards, the community of Mahagi has taken up the vision as its own. In a nation talked of internationally for past, and sadly present, violence against women, it is a privilege and joy to be working with a community that prize their young women and prioritise their health.

With our partner, we share a vision of seeing young women living healthy and dignified lives. One of the greatest needs to see this accomplished is for a sustainable and hygienic form of menstrual management. Not only does this allow them dignity, it prevents infection and allows the girls to continue attending school. Without it, girls are held back from school one week a month or drop out completely, are at risk of infection from unsanitary management methods, and are marked as ‘women’ able to take on husbands, or be targeted for rape.

Initial distributions of re-useable menstrual kits have occurred to school-aged girls who are the focus of free distributions. We are currently in need of more finance to see a container brought over with donations, especially menstrual kits from Days for Girls. Also in the plans for 2016 is to create vocational opportunities for women in Mahagi through sewing these kits for purchase by women who see their value.

In the meantime we were encouraged to see Days for Girls groups forming naturally in the communities we serve. This shows their knowledge of this need and hunger for change in this area. In response, team member Dr Abekwo is providing educational trainings to these groups.

Redefined office assistant, Mrs. Pauline Ani preparing D4G kits to be taken in the field

Redefined office assistant, Mrs. Pauline Ani preparing D4G kits to be taken in the field

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