New partnership for Menstrual Kits


Redefined Ministries is now working collaboratively with Days for Girls.

Days for Girls (DFG) is focused on seeing the distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. The kits improve their health, safety and dignity. They also empower women to continue with their schooling (periods often cause girls to remain at home and also cast them into the light of “women”, classifying them as marriageable).

Days for Girls Queensland is assisting us to commence a small vocational project in connection to our medical clinic. The project will see a woman equipped through the set up of a sewing vocation, where the kits will be sold for a low price to women of the community. Being in partnership with the medical clinic will enable us to provide hygiene and sex education at the same time.


How can you help? 

1) We encourage our supporters to “buy” these kits as a gift to school-age girls for free distribution in schools, where we can give an education class on hygiene at the same time.

2) Liaise with Days for Girls Queensland to help us ship some pre-fabricated kits over to us so that we can start this important work ahead of schedule (as we won’t receive the specialised plastic material needed for insertion into the liners until June). (We can put you in contact with DFG).

3) Liaise with Days for Girls Queensland to help us produce these kits whilst we are still setting up this project. Why not take this project on in your sewing, craft, or women’s group? (We can put you in contact with DFG).


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