Vehicle Purchase

Funding for a second hand vehicle was secured in mid 2017 and after much research our Managing Director Innocent purchased a van due to the additional space it offers compared to a similarly priced sedan.  The van will be mainly utilized for the transportation of supplies into rural DRC.


Suitable transportation of supplies has long been an issue for the Ministry, often leaving us exposed to high transportation costs through hiring a driver’s services or the service of their vehicle.  Previously we made do with the three motorbikes we have operating in the area however some supplies (especially building supplies) and multiple people requiring transport made this option by itself no longer viable.  Currently we source the majority of our supplies through Paidha and sometimes further afield in the Ugandan capital Kampala.

The purchase of our own vehicle has enabled us to provide a service to the local community in need (transport – free of charge) and a service to local businesses who wish to hire our vehicle or our driver’s services at a reasonable cost which will in turn support current/future projects in DRC.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Redefined’s Supporters, without your valued donations through Australian Mercy we would not have been able to purchase this long awaited and badly needed vehicle.  Thank you!

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