Redefined Health Facilities Update: Floods & Many New Arrivals

New arrivals at the Redefined Health Facilities are a regular occurrence (sometimes daily).


Despite the wet weather and flooding, it was clear the joy of motherhood was not going being taken from away from these proud Mothers

However flooding combined with an unusually high number of births saw us struggling to cope and find space to accommodate all the Mothers and newly born babies.

At Redefined we are not strangers to challenges or obstacles therefore to overcome the issue of space in the short term, furniture was removed from our office and placed in the pharmacy to make space for the new Mothers and their babies.


Inside 24 hours 8 babies were born forcing us to allow patients to stay in the office area

This most recent shortage of space has further highlighted the urgent requirement to finalise the Maternity Ward building, this has become our top priority.


Maternity Ward remains in the early stages of construction due to lack of funding

If you wish to donate towards the Maternity Ward you can do so at:

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