Health Inspector Visit

Recently Dr. Delfonse Unen (Medicin Chef de Zone-MCZ) paid a visit to Redefined’s rapidly growing Health Facilities for certification purposes.

In order to gain the required certification for the commencement of full operations there is certain criteria that must be met before Dr. Delfonse can issue his stamp of approval.  This required a detailed on-site inspection of the facilities.


Innocent (left) showing Dr. Delfonse (right) the type of supplies that the facility has.

It is with great joy; Dr. Delfonse recommended that the facilities operate under a “Hospital” status for the area.  This is an astonishing achievement with the general facilities still considered in their infancy.  Dr. Delfonse made comment that he was impressed and the facilities far exceeded his expectations.


Sharing future plans

Our achievements seem to open doors to new challenges and Dr. Delfonse’s visit was no exception: we are required to pay a $300 USD certification fee before we can officially open the new facilities to the general public.  In addition to that we will need another $300 USD for launch preparations which will also include advertising and general education to the locals so they understand what services we offer and hope to offer in the near future.


Innocent (left) and Dr. Delfonse (right)

Redefined would like to thank Dr. Delfonse for his time and support during his visit to the Redefined Medical Facilities.

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