Ministry through Soccer

Redefined is always actively looking for ways to become more involved with the local community and support them in any way we can.

What better way to do this than to support local soccer teams and assist with developing young emerging talents.  This is done through purchasing new soccer balls and making contributions to new soccer kits.


Redefined made contributions towards the purchase of the blue team’s kit 

Redefined chooses to support local teams on merit based selection meaning teams that have been actively involved in community work.  Many of the soccer players in the photograph above have been seen assisting with road maintenance and actively fixing critical access roads in a bid to raise funds for their favourite sport.  It is teams like these Redefined wish to support in any small way we can.


To give you an idea of how a small donation can make such a huge difference to this soccer loving community:

  • A good soccer ball ranges from $13 – $20.
  • A set of team jerseys ranges from $90 – $120.

Redefined have also donated first aid kit supplies for when the unfortunate happens

Whilst attending a soccer competition in Ambere between teams which have been previously supported by Redefined, Team Member Innocent received a hen from the Elders of the community as a surprise gift.  The Elders of the community joyfully thanked Redefined for the support shown to their small community.


Innocent receiving a gift from the community Elders


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