Road Trip: Meetings, Supply Collection & Information Gathering

Recently Team Member Anecho Innocent embarked upon a road trip from Mahagi (Ituri Province) to Goma (North Kivu Province) and Uvira (South Kivu province).


Main Objectives

  • Develop and maintain existing relationships for knowledge sharing and future supply chains for Redefined Ministries
  • Research established Hospitals & Medical Centres in order to identify practices that could be adopted at the Redefined Medical Centre in Jalasiga
  • Research logistics of new supply chains


Trip Overview

  • First stop: The Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Jinja, Eastern Region, Uganda. (Innocent was required to travel through neighbouring Uganda due to the security concerns of travelling directly through DRC).
  • The second stop was Goma which saw the long awaited collection of the three packages set out in the main objectives.  During Innocent’s two nights stay in Goma: he visited the Heal Africa Hospital of Goma, researched possible supply routes and transport options for future supply chains.

Over a year in the waiting

  • Innocent then set sail across Lac Kivu and then continuing on by road to Uvira through Bukavu.


  • As the meeting with Dr Luc had been delayed for a few days, Innocent used the time in Uvira to meet with the current head of YWAM Congo Mr. Fahamu and interview the Staff from a local mini-hospital, gaining valuable knowledge which will assist the continued development of the Redefined Health Centre in Jalasiga.
  • During the course of several meetings with Dr Luc, Innocent was able to visit Dr Luc’s main ministry site in Luvunji where D4G Kits had been kindly stored for Redefined Ministries.


  • On the return leg Innocent travelled through neighbouring Rwanda and met with Mr Eugene Mugisha of New Life Ministries in the capital city Kigali.

Round trip distance covered is nearly the equivalent to Sydney and Adelaide return trip.  Note: imagine shown is not the exact route taken


The trip was full of adventure and it is testament to Innocent that he maintained his cool temperament when faced with financial restrictions, transport difficulties and to what appeared to be unreasonable taxation by Government Agencies.  Despite all this, Innocent enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding travelling experience and gained valuable insight into others’ Ministries which will aid Redefined Ministries in years to come.  On reviewing the objectives, it is clear that Innocent achieved an immense amount in the short amount of time he had available.  A special thanks to those who assisted Innocent during his travels.

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