Meeting Dr Luc

Recently Team Member Anecho Innocent embarked upon a road trip from Mahagi (Ituri Province) to Goma (North Kivu Province) and Uvira (South Kivu province).

One of the main objectives of the trip was to meet Dr Luc Mulimbalimba, Senator of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) National Parliament in Uvira.


Innocent & Dr. Luc

Key points discussed during meetings

  • Mutual support to both Ministries, in particular targeting overlapping programs/projects with similar designs
  • Sponsored Student exchange and various support strategies/programs for Students
  • Potential future coordination with the Regional Senator of the relevant area to Redefined Ministries in order to establish internal connections through the national office
  • Potential future meeting between the two Ministries to take place in Mahagi Territory, Ituri Province (Redefined main area of operations)
  • Community rehabilitation and potential development projects
  • Study of the health centre model currently operational in Dr Luc’s Ministries in order to adopt similar practices at Redefined Health Centre in Jalasiga
  • Identifying efficiencies for both Ministries
  • Aligning goals and outcomes

The Redefined Ministries Team would like to thank Dr Luc for his time, hospitality and generosity in sharing his knowledge.  We look forward to maintaining and developing this valued alliance in years to come.

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