Days for Girls Kits Update: collection of kits

Recently Innocent embarked upon a road trip from Mahagi (Ituri Province) to Goma (North Kivu Province) and Uvira (South Kivu province) with  one of the main objectives to collect three packages which contained vital materials for making the Days for Girls (D4G) Kits including tailoring books and other study books that were set to aid us in initiating the D4G and tailoring project.


Innocent happy to finally get his hands on the packages after a year of planning

Unfortunately due to strict taxation demands at the Burundi Revenue, financial restraints and transportation difficulties due to security concerns of travelling directly through Democratic Republic of the Congo the packages have not completed their journey to Mahagi (Ituri Province).

The Redefined Ministry team are currently sourcing the most cost-effective solution to transport the packages safely and hope to put the packages’ contents to good use in Mahagi (Ituri Province) soon.

To be continued…

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