Our first visitors

We would like to thank YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Arua base for their recent ministry visit. Whilst they were with us in Mahagi, they ran seminars on Leadership in Ministry and Ministering to Families. These seminars took place in Mahagi Town and Jalasiga Village. They also spent time praying and interceding for Mahagi and Redefined Ministries; dedicated the Redefined Health Clinic to God; and connected with our local people.

**Please note that tax-deductible donations received through Australian Mercy have not been used for church-related activities and will not be used. This is a condition of the Australian government.

If you would like to give a donation to our faith activities, please contact us separately, or make a note  to Australian Mercy that it is a donation for the church activities and you therefore do not require a tax receipt.

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