Giving days to girls

It was with pleasure that we were able to complete our first distribution of Days for Girls Kits in rural Jalasiga. Days for Girls is one of our partners who are working hard to keep girls safe and in school during the time of their menstruation each month. We are partnering with them to distribute life-giving kits to these girls and also to give them education about their reproductive cycle and hygiene management.

Without these kits, local girls and women use whatever is at hand to try and stem the blood – bits of dirty mattress, corn husks, leaves, etc. They often remain out of school due to fear of leakage and the associated. They are identified as “women” and sadly become more vulnerable to rape and adolescent marriage.

Most of these girls also never receive education about the process their body goes through each month, or how to manage it hygienically. When we were sharing about this project with the community in preparation for introducing it and to gauge their response, there was overall delight. Later, once the community meeting had ended, one of the old women came up to us and fearfully shared about how her monthly bleed had stopped. She felt afraid of what may have caused this, and expressed that it felt like her womanhood had diminished. She had gone through the natural process of menopause and was relieved to have this explained. This is just one example of how this hygiene and education program will bless women of ALL AGES in the community.

We hope to start a sewing project in Mahagi Territory that will provide vocation for women by the producing of these kits. We await financing for this project but hope to start it as soon as possible having seen the need for these kits, and also the value the women of the community are placing on them.

Days for Girls distribution in Jalasiga, Mahagi Territory

Days for Girls distribution in Jalasiga, Mahagi Territory

To learn more about why this work is vital, please go to the following links:

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