The doors have opened!

We are pleased to let you know that the medical clinic in rural Jalasiga has opened its doors! It is operating with one medical technician who is being assisted by two nurses; all staff are locals. Dr. Ntumba, from the UN Hospital in Mahagi, will also be paying weekly/fortnight visits to the center and one of the nurses is completing a dual role as receptionist. We are still in need of a medical assistant to support the technician.

We have postponed the grand opening of the clinic to express our sadness at the passing of King Lokpa, father to Chief Arnold, who was to have been there. We have opened the clinic due to the work’s importance, but the official opening will be postponed until after Chief Arnold’s coronation has occurred.

Health Clinic

A patient being examined


The newly opened clinic at a distance

The newly opened clinic at a distance

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