Birthing Kit Foundation – our new partner

The Congo Project has an exciting new partnership with the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia (BKF). As you know, we have many medical initiatives on the go and we have been working to establish connections with local midwives and traditional birth attendants in our area. When investigating the maternal health in the area, three areas of need stood out:

  1. Safety and increased hygiene for births;
  2. Access to advanced health care when complications occur; and
  3. Training for the traditional birth attendants and regional midwives.

To address the need for midwife training, we are hopeful of a seminar for the midwives in November by a nurse who specialises in these trainings. Please pray for this as it is not yet confirmed, but much needed. In partnership with the BKF, we will be able to help supply a safe and hygienic birthing area. As this is being written, the first test shipment of 2 cartons (200 units) of birthing kits are on their way to our location thanks to the BKF. Each kit contains: a plastic sheet for the ground to provide a sterile birth environment; soap and 2 gloves for the midwife; as well as a sterile scalpel blade, 3 string cords and 5 gauze squares for the umbilical cord and clean up. This partnership will have an immeasurable impact on the women and children of Mahagi Territory and we at Redefined are proud to be working with the BKF. To find out more about the BKF, you can see their website:

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