Caring for the Vulnerable

One of our team members is currently heading up the community mobilisation efforts to construct a home for a widow in Mahagi Town. The widow lost her late husband when he was recently in South Sudan for work. He was a truck driver by profession and shot by rebel soldiers who then robbed his truck.

Patrick Ogen from Redefined Ministries went in to South Sudan to retrieve the body for burial on native soil and is now leading the construction efforts. Patrick is personally making, drying and burning the bricks that will be needed in the construction efforts before others will take over for the building.

Patrick with some of the drying bricks he has made.

Patrick with some of the drying bricks he has made.

In addition to a family home, a small store will be built by the road side to serve as a shop front, providing the widow with a source of income, which the family also lost with her husband’s passing.

Redefined Ministries is passionate about helping the poor, needy and vulnerable whenever possible. We are proud of Patrick’s show of love and initiative in helping this woman by meeting her practical needs, even as she grieves an irreplaceable loss.

Bricks resting on the widow's land.

Bricks resting on the widow’s land.

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