Faith Programs get Underway

As a Christian organisation, we desire to reach out to the community through faith and faith-based activities, so it is a pleasure to report that these activities are underway.

Engaging the Local Church

Firstly, we have been building relationship with local churches in our main areas of work; namely, Mahagi town and a village of Jalasiga. The pastors of these churches report a great need for more training and study resources whilst the congregational members have displayed a hunger for teaching and deeper discipleship.

Clothes Distribution

We have also been touched by the response of some churches in Kampala, Uganda, who are eager to give a hand to their neighbouring believers. Several churches are contemplating how they can come in for evangelistic and teaching trips. One church has already enabled us to distribute some small clothes to women of Jalasiga, most of whom have two sets of clothes.


Women modelling their new garments in Jalasiga.

Women modelling their new garments in Jalasiga.

Testimony: On the morning of distribution for the skirts and blouses, a woman shared of losing her baby due to a miscarriage. During this sad event, her clothes were also soiled and she pleaded with us to bring her a new set. She was deeply moved upon hearing that we had some clothes for distribution and grateful to those who had provided them.

Teaching Seminars

In addition to the above activities, this month also held the first teaching seminar to be given to local churches. Shannon Buchbach, a Bible teacher based in Rwanda and also working with us at Redefined Ministries, presented a Bible Overview seminar. The seminar was given over three days at CECA church in Mahagi Town and again to a collective of churches in Jalasiga village.

The teaching took attendees through an overview of how each book of the Bible fits into its bigger story of God’s redemptive plan, fulfilled in Christ. The seminars were well attended and participants hungrily gathered in all the information that they could, pleading for more teachers and welcoming ministry teams and individuals for further training. The churches in Mahagi Territory are not just open to discipleship and training, they are eagerly seeking it.

Bible Overview Seminar

Shannon teaching as Innocent interprets into Alur.

The Bible Overview teaching material was finally analysed by the pastoral team in the village to give feedback to the teacher, showing that they as leaders are also serious about ensuring only sound doctrine is given to their congregations. They approved of the teachings and have invited us to offer more training as soon as people are able to come.

The church and its leaders are also in need of study materials that are in French, or Swahili, translations as most Congolese in this region speak no, or little, English. If you are able to help by sending such materials, or if you would like to bring in a church team to minister with us in these congregations, please contact us at:


Worship time before the teaching commenced.


**Please note that tax-deductible donations received through Australian Mercy have not been used for church-related activities and will not be used. This is a condition of the Australian government.

If you would like to give a donation to our faith activities, please contact us separately, or make a note  to Australian Mercy that it is a donation for the church activities and you therefore do not require a tax receipt.

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