Road Project – initial steps taken

This project is focusing on building better local roads to help the villagers link up to the main roads, thereby improving their access to commercial centers for trade, medical treatment, and the wider community.

Currently, the local men and youth work hard to bring the roads into a better state. When they are working, they put up a road-block to stop passing vehicles and collect a “road toll”; however, these contributions are not enough to meet their needs, let alone to help them buy tools that they need for a better working environment. The road workers are malnourished from lack of food, rely on meager income received as donations from those who utilise the road, and often fall to illness.

Redefined has started by engaging with the workers to see how we can encourage and engage with them to move the work on. We have enrolled an initial 5 different groups to start this process. As our team members talked with the road workers, they also joined in the physical labour and offered some little financial support towards their needs.

As we continue to work with the locals in their efforts to improve their roads,  we look forward to being able to assist them with tools, such as hoes and spades; road design; communication with local government to gain support for their work to reduce reliance on tolls taken from local travelers, who also have little money to spare; and encouragement through the recognition and appreciation of their efforts.

Roads in rural areas of Mahagi Territory

Current Roads in rural areas are little more than bike tracks


Youth show initiative, blocking the roads and completing maintenance for a 'toll'

Local men show initiative, blocking the roads and completing maintenance for a ‘toll’ (whatever passing local motorists are able to give)


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